CertiClear | Daily Health Screening Software  

Make Your Employees' 'Daily Health Screening' Simple and Affordable

Simple to set up and manage, CertiClear™ frees you from the otherwise burdensome daily task of screening and documenting employee wellness.

A Complete Proactive Solution for only $2 an Employee per Month

Why Your Business Needs CertiClear™

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate right now. Every day it feels like there's some new guideline to contend with. First, it was working from home, then social distancing and masks.

If you’re like most companies, you are now trying to comply with health screening guidelines using a system that’s cobbled-together, wastes time, and ignores potential privacy issues.

We found that asking the questions alone, not even tracking or storing the answers, takes roughly a minute a day per employee. If you have a hundred employees, that adds up to a costly 36 hours a month!

Many states now require daily wellness checks. Our COVID compliance tool can help!

45 States

Now Require or Recommend Health Screening

Want to Avoid Lawyers Chipping Away at Your Profit Margins? Our daily health screening program can help keep you safe from lawsuits.


The Average Cost of a Lawsuit in the United States

Time is a non-renewable resource. Let CertiClear help you keep more of it.

22 Minutes

Wasted Monthly Per Employee on Typical Record Keeping

Struggling with daily COVID employee screenings? CertiClear is your solution.

The CertiClear Solution

CertiClear is an automated service designed to simplify employee health screenings, facilitate record-keeping, and reduce potential liability.

Employee health screening is easy and painless with CertiClear. The system coordinates, organizes, and securely stores your records so you don’t have to. It’s also free of privacy risks and designed to be easily managed.

By combining a web-based wellness questionnaire with automated communication and a secure database, CertiClear proactively takes care of all these issues.

With CertiClear, safeguarding your employees and customers just got a lot easier and less expensive.

Reasons to Choose CertiClear


Automated and Proactive

Once you turn CertiClear on, it practically runs itself. You only need to involve yourself when a flag is raised. The daily text and email prompts continue until you turn them off.


Adjusts to Changing Schedules

Is Amy out today? When does John’s vacation end? Your employees tell CertiClear when they work next, so you don’t have to juggle a dozen calendars.


Launch Day One

There are no apps to download and no phone compatibility issues to troubleshoot. If you can access a browser, you can use CertiClear. Set-up is fast and user-friendly.


Easy to Manage

CertiClear's web-based administrative dashboard is easy to use and monitor. Employees can be set up by department or supervisor and records easily exported.


Operate With Confidence

Provide easily managed employee wellness screening with CertiClear. All information submitted is stored and retrievable by name and date.


Reduce Unreported Injuries

CertiClear checks in with with your employees every day to ensure there are no unreported workplace injuries.


Important Messages Get Seen

Do you have a deadline for 401K changes? Looking to tell everyone about a new policy? CertiClear lets you include custom messages that require and document employee acknowledgement.


No Matter Your Size

Starting at $2 an employee a month, our employee screening system provides a lot of value at a low-monthly cost.


Choose English or Spanish

CertiClear lets employees chose the language in which to receive their daily wellness survey. Temperature scaling can be entered as Fahrenheit or Celsius.


For Employees to Use

With just six simple yes or no questions (and, if you choose, a field for temperature entry), there’s little chance for confusion with CertiClear. Answering takes a minute or less.


Protect Your Privacy

CertiClear operates off a system of unique links and password-protected logins. So, with our employee health screening system, there's no reason to worry about unauthorized employee access.

Simple, Easy, and Concise

With CertiClear, employees report remotely via cell phone before they enter your workplace or are dispatched to a jobsite. Using the contact information you upload, each employee is sent a text the beginning of each workday with a link to report their wellness. Whatever questions your state requires we can facilitate them with CertiClear.

Save Time and Hassle

Your designated manager is alerted for follow-up only if an employee does not respond by the third request or if any answer submitted raises concern. Time is spent only on exceptions that require attention. All employee responses are logged and retrievable should documentation ever be needed.

Proactive prompting and facilitating response in as painless a way as possible is key to helping your employees and customers stay healthy. CertiClear does that, and more, for as low as $2 per employee per month!