VHP Sponsored  

Vincent’s Heating & Plumbing is proud to sponsor CertiClear to St Clair County employers.

In Michigan, every employer that requires an employee to leave their home for work is required to conduct and keep a record of daily health screenings.

This is a burden on employers that is costly, time-consuming, and can jeopardize the privacy of their employees. To solve these issues, Online Access, Inc. — a web-marketing company based in Port Huron and ran by my brother, David Squires — developed CertiClear.

CertiClear is a low-cost, automated service that is so easy to use and manage that it makes staying compliant with state requirements a breeze. It is currently being used across the U.S.

I have arranged to sponsor CertiClear in St. Clair County to allow local employers to subscribe to this service for half off the normal $2 per employee per month fee.

"Vincent’s Heating & Plumbing is happy to provide a break to St Clair County employers to help our local economy get back on its feet!"

– Daniel Squires, President

By completing the form above, you agree to pay a $25 sign-up fee and $1 per month per employee registered. Please note that you will be charged for a minimum of five employees.