Is There Any Way Back to "Normal"?

We get it. You already had enough on your plate, but now you are forced to deal with all the headaches created by COVID-19. Specifically, for employers, the need to conduct and keep a record of daily health screenings of employees that work outside of their homes.

Before objecting that your state does not require any of this, state requirements only scratch the surface. The real reason to do this is because Congress has not granted liability relief to businesses or organizations from being sued by a customer or an employee claiming to have become infected.

Do you think you would have a leg to stand on if you couldn’t provide a record of daily health screenings should you be hit with an unjustified COVID infection lawsuit?

CertiClear™ gives you a ‘transparent’ means to record this without a lot of hassle or lost time – so you can get back to the more important things on your plate. Using CertiClear means that:

  • You can set it and forget it: Once you turn CertiClear on, it practically runs itself. You only need to involve yourself when a flag is raised. The daily text and email prompts continue until you turn them off.
  • You won’t be bothered by employee schedule changes: Is Amy out today? When does John’s vacation end? Your employees tell CertiClear when they work next, so you don’t have to juggle a dozen calendars.
  • You’ll be happy how easy CertiClear is to manage: CertiClear's web-based administrative dashboard is easy to use and monitor. Employees can be set up by department or supervisor and records easily exported.
  • You won’t be bothered by employees trying to figure CertiClear out: With just six simple yes or no questions (and, if you choose, a field for temperature entry), there’s little chance for confusion with CertiClear. Answering takes a minute or less.
  • You won’t have to worry about your employee’s privacy and the security of the information: CertiClear operates off a system of unique links and password-protected logins. So, with our employee health screening system, there's no reason to worry about unauthorized employee access.
  • Your Spanish speaking employees are not left out: CertiClear lets each employee choose to receive their daily wellness survey in English or Spanish. Also, temperature scaling can be entered as Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • You’ll reduce the quantity of unreported workplace injuries: This is a bonus feature, because one question asks if your employee if they were injured on the job in the last day. This helps avoid phony work comp claims from ‘remembered’ injuries later.
  • All of the above and it won’t break the bank! CertiClear is affordable, no matter your size! No one budgeted for COVID. Starting at $2 an employee a month, our employee screening system provides a lot of value at a low-monthly cost.